Aviation Fair Info

Can you hear the aircraft engines? Can you see the planes and helicopter taking off and landing? Can you see the hangars cleared of normal working equipment and holding mission exhibits and food concessions . . . the colorful tents erected for various activities . . . the people coming to learn about, and celebrate what God is doing around the world???



We hope that all those who came out to the 2018 Fair enjoyed their time
and were able to connect with the exhibitors and other activities.
Saturday was a good day with good attendance and lots going on.
Sunday was rainy all afternoon, so flying was curtailed,
but activities under roof continued.
It was a great blessing to see all the missions involved in aviation
as they "KEEP THEM FLYING . . . AND SERVING" around the world,
and to realize that technical talents are of great value in missions.  



Schedule for the Fair


SATURDAY AGENDA (August 19, 2018, 1:00P to 4:30P)


11:00a            Special Kids Program


12:00p            Missionary Flying in Alaska by MARC


1:00p              FAA FAST Seminar


2:30p              Featured Speaker Neil Dubois “Testimony of a missionary pilot”


3:30p              What does it take to be a missionary pilot
           by Mike Mower veteran JAARS pilot


SUNDAY AGENDA (August 19, 2018, 1:00P to 4:30P)


1:30p              Featured Speaker Neil Dubois “Testimony of a missionary pilot”


2:30p              Special Kids Program


3:15p              Missionary aviation training and service by MMS





  • Mission Aviation Repair Center (MARC) – Serving in Alaska
  • School of Missionary Aviation Technology (SMAT) – A training school for missionary aviators
  • FAA (FAAST) – team promotes aviation safety in the USA
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) – Provides aviation transportation in many parts of the world
  • JAARS Inc – Serves Bible translation in many parts of the world with technical services
  • Helimission – Focuses on transportation in remote parts of the world with helicopters
  • Moody Aviation – A training school for missionary aviators
  • Friends In Action – Uses construction projects in many parts of the world to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Mission Safety International (MSI) – Making safety a way of life in missionary aviation
  • Ethnos 360 Aviation – Using aviation to support Ethnos 360 missionaries reach the unreached
  • Wycliffe NE – Wycliffe Bible translators focuses on giving people God’s Word in their own language
  • Missionary Maintenance Service (MMS) – Trains aviation mechanics and serves many other organizations with their aircraft maintenance expertise
  • Missionary Flights International (MFI) – Support missions in the Caribbean flying out of Florida with teams and supplies as requested.
  • Lightshine Ministries
  • Eastern Mennonite University/Aerotech – Aero-Tech Services & Eastern Mennonite University are partnering on an aviation degree
  • Liberty University School of Aviation – Training aviators for Christ to shine in our world
  • Mission Air Group (MAG) – Training missionary pilots
  • I-TEC - Develops tools and sustainable missions training systems, training and equipping indigenous Christ-followers to meet needs and share the Gospel.



Some photos from the 2018 Fair
















































































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