What makes the Aviation Fair successful? It’s the many volunteers who handle hundreds of details and responsibilities. They are the ones who enable the Fair to happen! Volunteering can be hard work, but is also fun and rewarding, as people work together to help promote mission programs around the world. Almost all aspects of the Fair are run by volunteers!

We are so grateful for the talented , hard working Committee Coordinators and lots of volunteers who come to help each year.
You guys are the greatest!

Audio/Visual—Assist with PA system set up; lighting, video and sound in speaker tent 
Information—help with welcoming people, answering questions and directing people to specific locations 
Finance—Help with selling tickets for children’s train ride. Works cash box check-out at the Food Hangar
—Helps set up tables, chairs, moves equipment, helps with set-up and tear-down, etc. Collects trash from trash cans 
Parking—Help direct vehicles to parking area
Food—Help serve food

Where needed most—Act as a flexible volunteer by helping out wherever help needed. 


  • Contact Charlie Kreider at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or 717-872-4258