Franklin Graham gets the 100th Kodiak test flight ride.
Wednesday, April 06, 2005
by Kelly Mahon, Sales and Marketing
Comments from Tom Hamilton who took Franklin out to lunch after the flight..
The airplane hit another milestone today. Flight #100 was pointed out to me by Brett as he handed me the clipboard to give Franklin Graham a demo flight.
Tom wanted me to pass along this photo and I am sure that he will fill you in on all the details of his discussion with him. I feel the picture says it all, but just in case it doesn’t, he really loved the airplane. He fell in love with it before we even pushed it out; he kept commenting how much he liked the color. He was smiling the whole time he was here. The first take-off was kind of benign at 600 ft and he couldn’t get over the performance. When we came back I did a 200 ft take off with 3 of us and 290 gallons of fuel and he couldn’t find words to express his emotions. When we opened the door his first words were, “I want one!”

Quest Open House - June 9, 2005
Marlin Horst and Charlie Kreider flew to Sandpoint, ID for this open house and watched a flight demonstration of the Kodiak.

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